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Are you a Maine Coon cat owner curious about the differences between your beloved feline and its wild cousin, the bobcat? So are we! We decided to investigate this question further so that owners like you could be more informed about their kitties. There are plenty of notable distinctions between Main Coon cats and bobcats—from their physical characteristics to their behavior.

How do you tell the difference between a Maine Coon cat and a bobcat?

Maine Coons and bobcats may look similar, but some key physical features can help you tell them apart. Maine Coon cats usually have large tufts of fur on their ears and long, dense fur on the rest of their body, whereas bobcats have relatively short tufts of fur near their ears and more spotted features on their coats. 

Maine Coon cats also often have a distinctively bushy tail that is as long as their body; meanwhile, bobcats tend to have shorter tails with noticeably black tips at the end. 

Additionally, when it comes to size, Maine Coons can grow up to 4 feet in length while bobcats stay much smaller at a maximum size of 2 feet. Knowing these differences should make it easy to distinguish between these two lovely creatures!

Can Maine Coon cats breed with bobcats?

It’s a common question among pet owners with Maine Coon cats: can Maine Coons breed with bobcats? The answer is quite simple – no. While they may look somewhat similar due to their thick fur and large size, Maine Coons are domestic cats while bobcats are wild animals native to Canada, the United States, and Mexico. 

As such, it is physically impossible for them to successfully mate and produce offspring because of their incompatible genetic material. Any questions about crossbreeding should be directed to a vet for more in-depth guidance on proper pet care and genetics.

Where do Maine Coon cats and bobcats live?

Maine Coon cats are the largest domesticated breed of cat and, thanks to their large size and thick fur, can be found as pets in many homes across the world. On the other hand, bobcats are wildcats that live primarily in North America and Canada, preferring wooded areas and wetlands where they can find plenty of food to hunt. 

They lead solitary lives away from humans and rarely come into contact with civilization. These two felines, while different in many ways, share one common characteristic: they both call the Northeastern United States home! 

While Maine Coon cats can be found up and down the East Coast snugly tucked into family couches or snuggling up next to a warm fire, bobcats usually lurk high up in treetops or underneath brush piles in search of prey. The juxtaposition between these two animals is an interesting sight to behold!

Are Maine Coon cats more friendly than bobcats?

Maine Coon cats and bobcats both have unique personalities and make wonderful pets that can bring joy to their owners. But when it comes to friendliness, the two feline breeds could not be more different. 

Maine Coon cats are known for their loving nature and sociable behavior, often welcoming visitors into the home or initiating playtime with pet parents. Bobcats, on the other hand, are solitary animals who remain aloof and independent even when they’ve been around their owners for many months. If you’re looking for a warm and outgoing pet, then a Maine Coon is surely what should be at the top of your list!

What are the physical differences between Maine Coon cats and bobcats?

Maine Coon cats and bobcats may look similar at first glance, but they have a few distinct physical attributes that make their differences easy to spot. The Maine Coon cat is a domesticated breed of cat with a muscular body, long legs for jumping, and a distinctive long, fluffy tail. 

A bobcat, on the other hand, has shorter fur and unique black stripes around its eyes that resemble eyebrows or mascara. It’s significantly larger than the Maine Coon cat too; adult bobcats typically weigh around 15-35 pounds, while Maine Coons range from 8-18 pounds. 

Both breeds have tufted ears and are quite agile — the bobcat can reach speeds up to 30 mph! Interestingly enough, both of these cats share one interesting trait: they both come equipped with extra toe pads known as ‘thumbs’ on each paw which allow them to climb trees more efficiently.

Can Maine Coon cats and bobcats coexist in the wild?

The coexistence between Maine Coon cats and bobcats in the wild is something that researchers continue to explore. Scientists believe that while they can both share habitats, it’s likely those habitats would have to have an abundant amount of resources, so the competing species don’t fight over the same ones. 

That way, each animal can easily find food sources, cover, and territories. While these two species are uniquely different, they also share some of the same characteristics as well like size and range. For now, it seems necessary for them to be separated for both their safety and also for our environment’s balance.

Are Maine Coon cats endangered like bobcats?

Maine Coons may look like endangered bobcats, but they’re quite plentiful. The breed is believed to have originated as a natural breed in North America, making it one of the oldest domesticated cats in the world. 

Unlike their wild counterparts, Maine Coon cats have been selectively bred for many generations and are easily available in pet stores or through reputable breeders. 

Though their numbers may be decreasing due to loss of habitat and other factors, they are not officially considered an endangered species. Taking steps to ensure that these wonderful cats continue to remain a beloved part of many homes is key to ensuring their long-term survival.


From overall size to fur length and color, there is no denying that Maine Coon cats have earned their place as beloved pets. They are significantly bigger than bobcats but have many attributes that make them more personable and comfortable in a home environment. Their jolly, gentle nature makes them the perfect family pet; they get along well with children and other animals in the household, adding fun and unconditional love energy to any living space. Despite the large size difference between Maine Coon cats and bobcats, both animals bring unique traits and benefits to our lives. Whether it be having an entertaining companion or simply admiring their beauty from a distance, these two very different felines can both offer something special!

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