Maine Coon Cats and Kids

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Kids grow up so quickly and theyג€™re always full of energy. When they run around, climb on furniture, and play with friends, they can be noisy and messy. However, your little one might have just discovered their new-found powers of mobility and youג€™d like to protect them from some dangers.
Before you blush with embarrassment, let us tell you that having a Maine Coon kitten in the house is one of the best ways to keep your child safe from harm. Not because itג€™s a cat but because these cats are naturally curious creatures who enjoy playing with kids. They are active and intelligent, making them perfect companions for energetic little ones. Letג€™s take a look at why this is trueג€¦

Are Maine Coon cats good for kids?

Children are naturally curious and Maine Coon cats are no exception. They enjoy playing with kids and will keep them safe by watching over them from a high position.
Pets can also help with behavioral problems, as they might be good at distracting your child from acting out. If a cat is constantly around, children might not want to act out or play rough.
Maine Coons are also excellent climbers and on the lookout for danger in your home environment. Theyג€™ll keep a watchful eye on everything, which will make your little ones feel safe and secure.
Maine Coon cats have big personalities that young kids love to explore. They like to push boundaries, climb up high places, and dig through boxes so theyג€™re always doing something interesting!

What are the cons of owning a Maine Coon cat?

Letג€™s be honest here, cats are a lot of work. They require plenty of attention and will often hide in places you canג€™t easily find them. And thatג€™s not to mention all the litter boxes!
But when it comes to kids, these cons donג€™t seem like such a big deal. Some parents may be worried about their kid hurting the cat or even worse, being hurt by the cat, but we assure you that any Maine Coon out there is more than capable of defending themselves against your child. The thing is- they might feel threatened by your kids trying to pick them up and play with them. However, if you get them used to these new family members early on, this won’t be an issue as they’ll come around soon enough.

Can a Maine Coon be a house cat?

Maine Coons are likely to be one of the most common breed of cats in America, but they are classified as a distinct breed. Theyג€™re known for their thick coats that provide warmth and water repellency, which is why theyג€™re often used as outdoor cats. These highly-adaptable animals can live indoors and outside with ease because they are so flexible.
They are also known for their intelligence, making them perfect companions for kids who want to play games or learn new tricks. When you have a Maine Coon cat, your child will be able to learn new behaviors from the feline while keeping them entertained.
Maine Coons are generally very social animals who enjoy playing games with their owners and other pets. They donג€™t like being left alone for long periods of time which is why itג€™s important that if you buy a Maine Coon kitten, make sure you set aside some time for him or her each day to spend playing with your child.
If this sounds like the kind of pet you would like to have then we suggest looking into our online store where we offer a wide selection of Maine Coon cats and kittens!

Are Maine Coons good beginner cats?

One of the main reasons Maine Coons are great for kids is that they are naturally curious creatures who enjoy playing with kids. These cats are active and intelligent, making them perfect companions for energetic little ones.
In addition to this personality trait, Maine Coons make great beginner cats as theyג€™re often very adaptable when it comes to teaching tricks. They are enthusiastic about learning new things and some even learn more than one trick!

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