Maine Coons and Separation Anxiety

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Small and medium-sized cat breeds are typically very people-oriented, and Maine Coons and other similar breeds are no exception. These cats love being surrounded by affection and attention from their owners, and they usually thrive when left indoors to be the center of your attention for most of the day.
Keeping a house cat is also a lot less hassle than taking care of a dog, and they’re also considerably easier to deal with as far as grooming goes. But if youג€™re thinking about getting one as a pet, then you should know that these independent cats do not do well when left on their own for extended periods of time.
Thatג€™s because these intelligent felines have an uncanny ability to read their ownersג€™ minds regarding when itג€™s time to go outside so they can catch some much-needed fresh air. We call this trait separation anxiety, and it poses a serious threat to the mental health of indoor or outdoor cat owners who happen to be gone from home for long stretches of time. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do in order to help minimize your cat’s stress level while you’re away from home.

Are Maine Coons OK left alone?

Whether you’re thinking about getting a Maine Coon or not, it’s important to understand what kind of personality type your cat may have. These cats are known for their sense of independence and enjoy being left alone for long stretches at a time. In order to keep your cat happy and healthy, you should avoid leaving them too often for long periods of time, as they prefer spending most of their time around people and not in cages. So if you want to bring your Maine Coon home, be prepared for some separation anxiety along the way.

How long can Maine Coons be left alone?

The most common time for Maine Coons to suffer from separation anxiety is when their owners leave home for work.
If you have an indoor cat, then you can keep them in a room with various toys and places to explore during the day. This will help them avoid getting bored and thus develop a tendency to make noise or scratch at doors and windows when you come back from work. Additionally, you can use the time spent away from home as part of your training routine, something that will help keep your cat happy and healthy while you’re away.
Additionally, if you plan on leaving your Maine Coon at home alone for extended periods of time, then it’s best to get a second pet like a small-to-medium size dog or fish who can entertain him or her for much of the day.

Are Maine Coon cats clingy?

Maine Coons are known for being highly intelligent and often affectionate. They’re also very devoted to their owners, so they’ll perk up when they see you walk in the door.
If your cat is constantly looking at you with those sad eyes, or if it meows at you plaintively while rubbing against your leg, then it’s probably feeling anxious and may be suffering from separation anxiety.
But don’t worry! Maine Coons are adaptable, and they typically adjust well to new people in their lives and new homes. They’re also great around children, making them a wonderful companion for families with kids of all ages.

Do Maine Coon cats get attached to one person?

A Maine Coon is a very social cat, and they usually get attached to one person. This means that these cats usually don’t do well when their owners have to leave them alone for extended periods of time.
Although some Maine Coons might enjoy being left on their own while you’re out of the house, this is not recommended in most instances. In order to reduce the stress level of your cat while you’re away from home, it’s best to make sure that your cat has plenty of toys and other entertaining things for it to do.

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